YOuth Group chronicles

Booking Info

Experience Youth Group Chronicles like never before! Host YGC at your event and become part of our live audience for a special podcast recording. Join the thrill of blind reacting in person to the jaw-dropping stories sent into the show.


What does it cost to host a live event?

Events cost $4,000 plus travel, hospitality and lodging. Sam travels with two podcast guests, a manager and an AV tech.

Can we choose which podcast guests come with Sam?

Yes, but their availability for your event is entirely dependent on their personal schedule.

Can we preview the stories in advance?

Yes, only if requested. You'll be able to remove stories from our cue if they're not a good fit for your audience.

How long does the average event last?

The live recording lasts 45 minutes, but can be shorter if requested. Following the event Sam and his two guests offer up to 45 minutes of meet and greet time.
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